Dienstag, 21. September 2010

Maybachufer, 19.09.2010 MISCELLANEOUS pics

DJ'ane Paramida im "Superstore" (bar upstairs/vintage-downstairs) Almstadtstraße 13, 10119 Berlin www.superstoreberlin.com
Hot Chick, that you just can't touch. Maria rocking her amazing LeMagass-Vintage-pearl. She also bought some cool gold-plaited shoes you can see on some of my previous pics. she nailed it !!
which jacket do you think suited her best?

Mittwoch, 8. September 2010

Mavin - I've Been Givin' (Guiddo Dub)

  Manhooker (aka Guiddo & Mavin) - I've Been Givin' (Dub edit) by mavin 

One of the Tracks, I did with Guiddo (my musical partner-in-crime). 
 It's a stripped DUB based on a song of mine, called "My Favorite Friend". We have re-titled it, cause we think it stands perfectly on its own as a Dub.

We have just finished a recording session in Berlin and are planning to perform and release some our stuff at the end of this year. right now we are working on the first single "Running Out Of Time". it's vocal, it's 90's and it's deep. just the way we like it....

stay tuned

Booming Bunch - Nu Rave (official video)

this is the video (shot last year, 2009) for our track, called "Nu Rave". It is a teaser for my side project "The Boming Bunch" (with Starcorp's Jan Wanschura). The song is accompanied by several remixes, by PanK (Pol_On), Jost H. Salsoul Revival, Amino and Kosma. We don't plan an offcial release as for now, but we are more than glad to share the mixes with you at some point. I will post the PanK Mix later on...stay tuned.
I'll be more than happy to get a comment every now and then. c'mon, show some love :-)


Donnerstag, 2. September 2010

Fanny Pack

 I   Fanny Pack

The NEON-Bumbag is definately back!

In the U.S this thingy is called Fanny Pack
In Germany we refer to it as Gürteltasche or Sackwärmer (slang, meaning Balls-warmer :-))

I have all sorts of those in my bin. 
I will sell my crown-jewels on the MAUERPARK-Fleemarket this SUNDAY!

here are some of the nice ones, I found on the INTERNET.

xxx MVIN xxx

tragic case of "poodle-toe"
ok, it's his whoooole style, I dig :-)
Bag minus guy of course :-)